Applied Research Reports

Evidence-based programming in the context of practice and policy
Author: McCall, R. B. (2009).
Source: SRCD Social Policy Report, 23 (No. 3), 3–18.

Community-based interventions
Author: Groark, C. J., & McCall, R. B. (2008).
Source: In M. Rutter et al. (Eds.), Rutter’s child and adolescent psychiatry, 5th ed. (pp. 971-988). London, UK: Blackwell Publishing Company.

Challenges and Issues in Designing Applied Research
Author: McCall, R.B.; Groark, C.J.
Source: Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development

Developmental Relationships As the Active Ingredient: A Unifying Working Hypothesis of “What Works” Across Intervention Settings
Author: Li, J. & Julian, M. M.
Source: American Journal of Orthopsychiatry