Communication Alliance
Working with nonprofits in our community to continually improve communication and care.

Nonprofit leaders are called upon to accomplish a wide range of feats. We inspire organizations and your communities, promote positive change, and keep operations fiscally sound. Today, more than ever, there is a need for strong communication from nonprofits. Our messages need to highlight the unique good that we do and further our overall mission.

The Communication ­Alliance strongly believes that we benefit more as a ­sector from communicating in collaboration for our causes, rather than in competition with other agencies. The Communication Alliance team has firsthand ­experience of the challenges that nonprofit leaders face when it comes to communication and is committed to working with nonprofits to create, enhance and ­improve communication while working within all ­budgets.

Our Approach
The Communication Alliance aims to improve non-­profit communication, not only to strengthen individual organizations, but also to build a more caring and ­cohesive community.
Our approach has two parts —
First, make sense and make use of the emerging science of giving and messaging.
  • Why do people give more to a sudden crisis ­affecting a few, and less to chronic ills that affect the many?
  • Why would an emotional story bring attention to the person in the story, but not always to the issue behind the story?
  • How do shocking statistics about social problems create apathy rather than moving people to action?
  • Second, balance the communication focus between “asking” and “giving.” After all, both giving and receiving is at the heart of non-profit service.
  • What can one give to the audience with each ask?
  • How does one advocate for the need and convey respect for those in need, or advocate for caring while offering reasons for hope?
  • How does one reduce the social distance and ­create a genuine connection between those who give and those who receive?
No single non-profit can achieve all of this alone. But together we can build an alliance of non-profits committed to the use of words, images, stories, and even statistics to serve an entire community.

Our Goal
The Communication Alliance was formed to support a network of non-profit partners interested in continued capacity building around communication, sharing resources and ideas, and working together toward more consistent messaging about children’s issues.
What we offer —
  • Professional development opportunities focusing on communication best practices. Opportunities will be open to existing partners as well as new non-profit organizations serving children, youth, and families.
  • Additional resources and supports to help partners stay engaged and build communication capacity. 
  • Technical assistance to individual organizations or collaborations of organizations addressing similar issues.

Our Services

  • Content Analysis – We can assist in reviewing your content for tone, appropriateness, quality of ­images and layout.
  • Content Development – Writing, editing, and proofreading services.
  • Communications Strategic Planning – Review of your goals and recommendations as to which ­media channels would best ­deliver your message effectively.
  • Design/Layout – Reviewing your current print/
  • online materials and making suggestions for ­improvement, and/or design services to ­enhance your image/brand.
  • Illustration – Offering the option of a graphic or drawing to convey your message.
  • Infographics – Taking your data and presenting it
  • in visually pleasing, easy-to-read graphics.
  • Photography – On location photos of your work and/or your people in action.
  • Promotional Items – Giveaway items printed with your logo and/or message. We can advise you on design and products.
  • Signage/Displays – Posters, retractable banners, feather flags, and other large-scale signage.
  • Other – Don’t see your need on this list, just ask us.

Who We Are

A network
of non-profits
and sharing ideas,
while gaining
perspective on
more strategic
ways to craft