Giving Afterschool Children and Youth a Voice: Professional Development Workshops in August, September, and October 2011

In August, September, and October 2011, The Office of Child Development will offer a series of three workshops on giving children and youth a more meaningful voice in afterschool programs. In all three hands-on workshops, experts in youth development will help participants build concrete skills to apply to their own afterschool work.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011: Adam Fletcher
from Common Action

Adam will cover the basic tenets of youth-driven programming and discuss structures, cultures, and attitudes that impact the strength of youth-driven programming in afterschool. This workshop is relevant for providers serving children of all ages.

Friday, September 30, 2011: Barbara Ferman
from University Community Collaborative of Philadelphia

Barbara will discuss how to scaffold youth as they engage in activities designed to promote skill-building and improve confidence and self-esteem, how to structure programs and activities to allow for increasing levels of youth responsibility, and more. This workshop is geared toward providers serving children in middle and high school.

Thursday, November 3, 2011: Wendy Wheeler
from the Innovation Center

Wendy will share specific activities providers can do with their students to promote positive youth development, with a focus throughout on youth-adult partnerships. This workshop is relevant for providers serving children of all ages.

All three workshops will take place from 9:00am12:00pm at the University of Pittsburgh Office of Child Development’s Point Breeze location.

Workshops are free, but registration will be limited to 30 participants. Register today for one, two, or all three workshops! Please contact Milena Nigam (, 412-244-5025) with any questions.

Adam Fletcher

Barbara Ferman

Wendy Wheeler