Our growing awareness of the ways race and racism impact young children has evolved into a new effort called the P.R.I.D.E. (Positive Racial Identity Development in Early Education) program. 

Dr. Aisha White has been leading the program as director, with support from Medina Jackson, the director of engagement, and Dr. Shannon Wanless the principle investigator. The program has 5 components: Parent Village, Pop Up Mini Arts Festivals, Professional Development, a Speaker Series, and Research and Evaluation. The purpose of this program is to a) support the development of young African American children’s positive racial identity; b) increase adult knowledge and skills in building young African American children’s positive racial identity (teachers/ professionals) and supporting their positive racial socialization (parents); and c) increase awareness of the significance of race in the lives of African American children. 

Follow the team on Facebook @thePRIDEProgram to catch the latest speaker series, Mini Arts Festival, or and more! 

Kazakhstan Adoption Support Program
Our global reach has expanded to help with children being adopted through orphanages in Kazakhstan. Drs. Groark and McCall have been leading and planning this project for the past year. The purpose of this project is to promote academic and social-emotional development by training and coaching professionals to become future trainers for caregivers and adoptive and foster parents in order to provide better support for families. 

This team is spending most of November 2017 in Kazakhstan. So be sure to check back for more updates. 

Early Child Partnerships 
The HealthyCHILD (HC) program, part of Early Childhood Partnerships here at OCD has expanded its local and regional reach. Beginning last year, HC began a new partnership with the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center (COTRAIC) and expanded into 2 new settings - Child Cares and a Family Support Center. This year, HC continues to expand its partnerships and is now working with COTRAIC in additional counties in Southwestern PA and with select Pittsburgh Public School’s Kindergarten classrooms. 

Tracy Larson has been leading and planning this expansion for many years. The purpose of HealthyCHILD is to provide on-site consultation, professional development and technical assistance to early childhood professionals and caregivers to promote young children’s social emotional competence and mental wellness. 

The EHS team is implementing a new infant mental health practice-based coaching system based on the pioneering work of practitioners in Michigan. This is an opportunity for staff to grow their IMH skills in order to provide the highest quality home visits and service to families and babies. 

Also, Chris Dunkerly and the EHS team are collaborating with Dr. Danny Shaw on a federal grant that will introduce the Family Check-Up intervention for families and children age 0 to 3. Family Check-Up promotes family engagement in positive behavior support, health limit setting, and relationship building.