Christina J. Groark
Co-Director, Office of Child Development

Robert B. McCall
Co-Director, Office of Child Development

Roger Fustich
Director, Operations

John Kim
Associate Director

Shannon Wanless
Associate Director


Sheila Beasley
Family Support Outreach Director

Bernadette Bennermon
STARS TA Project Coordinator

Ann Bisceglia
Early Head Start Health Specialist

Leigh Carlson-Hernandez
Director, Family Support Policy Board

Denise Casino
Business Support Specialist

Amanda Cross
ERT, Evaluation Manager

Betty Dell
Partnerships for Family Support

Doris Dick
Assistant Director, Administrative Operations

Chris Dunkerley
Director, Family Foundations Early Head Start

Denise Esposto

Maura Falchetti
Office Secretary

Barbara French
STARS Technical Assistant

Caitlin Forbes Spear
ERT Division Director

Sharon Geibel
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Project Director

Annette Harris
EHS Development Coordinator

Amanda Harrison
Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist

Medina Jackson
PRIDE Program, Director of Engagement

Regina Jones
Director of Partnerships for Family Support

Tracy Larson
Director, Early Childhood Partnerships

Pat Lehnhardt
STARS TA Consultant

Margaret Matesa
STARS Technical Assistant

Miriam Messick
EHS Program Assistant

Ennad Murrell
Director of Training and Technical Assistance for Family Support

Gloria Rodriguez-Ransom
Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist

Jennifer Salaway
Research Psychologist

Donna Sarneso
EHS Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Janell Smith-Jones
Evaluation Manager

Barbara Stolarz
Keystone STARS Administrative Coordinator

Emie Tittnich
EHS Mental Health Child Care Coordinator

Angela Tookes
EHS Family Engagement/Training Coordinator

Aisha White
PRIDE Program Director

Iris Winter
Administrative Assistant

Colleen Young
Director of Community Programs

Students & Interns