Project Areas
Children develop best in supportive families, connected to each other in an enriching community. OCD focuses on fostering reciprocal and responsive relationships between parent and children, providing material and social supports to families in distressed neighborhoods, and strengthening whole communities and social service systems to better support the development of children and families.

Young children develop best in a safe and caring environment, with engaging activities and freedom to explore and play. OCD focuses on improving quality and access in various developmental contexts of early childhood, from promoting at-home learning with parents, to improving quality in child care setting, to informing policies that invest in early childhood.

Children learn in schools, after-school programs, and at home. OCD focuses on strengthening the various pathways to learning, both academically and in social and emotional terms. We help to connect parents to teachers, after-school providers to schools, academic support programs to engaging experimental learning experiences, and social/emotional development to academic success.

Throughout the world, children without parental care need a safe and caring family-like environment, in addition to materially sufficient orphanages. Through over a decade of work in Russia, Latin America, and most recently China, OCD has found that it is possible to provide family-like care and environments within the walls of orphanages. We have been engaged in various efforts, with partners like UNICEF, USAID, and other NGOs, to both understand the needs and challenges of children without parental care around the world and to promote and evaluate efforts to seek alternatives to traditional orphanage care.