Russia: Enhancing Child-Caregiver Interactions

The first project implemented is one of the most comprehensive interventions in an orphanage using regular caregiving staff to provide children with more warm, caring, sensitive, and responsively contingent interactions with fewer and more consistent caregivers in a family like atmosphere. The effects on children’s development in every domain were substantial. Currently, children who participated in these interventions and who have transferred to adoptive and foster families or have been reunified with their biological parents in St. Petersburg and children adopted to the USA are being assessed to determine the long-term effects of the interventions. In addition, a large group of children adopted before any interventions into USA families is being studied to determine the developmental consequences of early institutionalization.

The Adaptive Playground for Babyhome 3 study assesses the nature and extent of caregiver and child usage of special playground equipment designed to be suitable for both typically developing children and those with a variety of disabilities at a Russian orphanage for children birth to 4 years.