Scaling Progress in Early Childhood Setting (SPECS)


   Authentic measurement strategies and participatory action research methods

   to forge the evidence-base for effective early childhood intervention programs.

   Longitudinal research focusing upon the complex interrelationships among child, family,

   program, community, and health factors which predict early school success outcomes.

   Linkages and alignment with state and federal early learning outcome standards and indicators.




Since 1997, Dr. Bagnato and his ECP program have been funded by the Heinz Endowments and state and federal grants and interagency contracts to conduct longitudinal research on the impact and outcomes of high-quality early childhood intervention programs on nearly 20,000 high-risk children in 100 school districts and regions across Pennsylvania (e.g., Early Childhood Initiative; Pre-K Counts, Include Me from the Start, Cub Scouts 123).


SPECS for ECI: The Heinz Pennsylvania Early Childhood Initiatives (ECI)- The Vira and Howard Heinz Endowments; (1997-2003).


SPECS for Pre-K Counts- The Heinz Endowments; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL), Departments of Public Welfare and Education, Pre-K Counts in Pennsylvania; (2005-2009).


SPECS for PEIOS: The Pennsylvania Early Intervention Outcomes Study (PEIOS)- Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Departments of Education and Mental Health, Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL); (2005-2006).


SPECS for ECI-Demonstration Project- Office of Child Development (OCD), University of Pittsburgh; (2003-2006).


SPECS for 4KIDS in Braddock-The Direct Instruction Project/Early Reading First/Propel Charter Schools. US Department of Education and private funding; (2005-present).


SPECS for the Early Childhood Congress (ECC)-Montgomery County Maryland Public Schools and Department of Health and Human Services; (2006-2008).


SPECS for South Side-South Side School District, Beaver County; (2009-Present).


SPECS for the Boy Scouts of Pittsburgh-United Way of Allegheny County; (2009-present). 


SPECS for Include Me from the Start---Arc of Pennsylvania/PA Department of Education (2010-2012)