The Communication Alliance
Communication not Competition

For the last three years, OCD has worked on the Something Worth Giving (SWG) project, an interdisciplinary effort to promote effective techniques in communication and design to Pittsburgh non-profits. Following the project’s success, we launched a new one year project known as the Communication Alliance.

Using the feedback we gathered from SWG, we learned about the needs and challenges facing Pittsburgh non-profits and formulated the Communication Alliance to address these issues with effective communication. Our strategy is to promote collaboration rather than competition among those working on behalf of the same populations and similar issues.  Consistent messaging across organizations can act as a catalyst to increase awareness, interest, and to further the overall cause.

The Communication Alliance will continue to engage the Pittsburgh community by improving and expanding non-profit organizations’ capacity to apply research-based communication and engagement. Our aim is to create a sustainable model that will continue to help our partner non-profits grow their communication skills through training, capacity building, networking, and a fee-for-service model for communication technical assistance.

With the completion of the original goals of Something Worth Giving, the Communication Alliance will build on that success by:

n   Fostering networks between organizations and support consistent and ongoing communication on similar issues.

n   Creating a sustainable model for offering individualized, or issue-specific, technical assistance.

n   Continuing to draw on additional outside expertise in successful communication and  child development through guest speakers and in-person trainings.

n   Offering communication resources to partner organizations and educate on
the use of science-based communication strategies to continue to build communication capacity within organizations.

In order to achieve these new goals, we will offer:

·       A network of nonprofit partners that will likely take the form of an online social media group where ideas and questions can be easily shared and responded to in real time.

·       Professional development opportunities focusing on communication best practices through low cost hands-on workshops and lecture series.

·       Additional resources such as e-newsletters and email blasts to help partners stay engaged.

·       Communication technical assistance to individual organizations or collaborative groups addressing similar issues.

If you are interested in joining the Communication Alliance or want to learn more, please contact Stephanie McCarthy at: